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In July of 2020, Devin Fontenot opened the doors to his first law office, which was destroyed by Hurricane Laura the following month. After months of remote work, Devin reopened in early 2021; and in May of 2021, long-time friend, Jared Shumaker, joined his firm as Partner.
In addition to Family Law and Personal Injury, Fontenot & Shumaker practice in the areas of successions and estate planning, criminal defense, general business litigation, and real estate and property litigation.

Who are Fontenot and Shumaker?

Devin Fontenot and Jared Shumaker are two like-minded attorneys who take pride in realistic expectations, honest and open communication, and personalized representation. Fontenot and Shumaker practice in various areas including, family law and personal injury, successions and estate planning, criminal defense, general business litigation, and real estate and property litigation.

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Mandie Trahan
Mandie Trahan
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I have known about this office for several years due to a Facebook group. A lady named Jessica Fontenot, who is Devins wife is so friendly and suggests her husband business all the time. She always conducted herself wonderfully! ---When my sister was in need of an attorney for a divorce I suggested her Mr. Devin Fontenot because his biggest cheerleader is always supporting him. .Devin Fontenot was great for what she needed. My father died unexpectedly at the end of July and we needed a succession completed to be put into possession of his property. Jared Shumaker is the attorney that deals with successions. We called and an appointment was scheduled quickly, we met on Friday, September 1st. We had our first draft on the Tuesday, please note, it was the Friday before a holiday weekend that we met. The following week everything was signed. By the end of the month is was filed at the clerk of court. Jared Shumaker and the staff were amazing to work with. The prices were fair and the service was wonderful! I will forever suggest the office for any legal needs.
Alyson Pago
Alyson Pago
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I was in an accident in 2017 where a dump truck had rear-ended me. I called Devin Fontenot the next day and he set me up with a Chiropractor and a Doctor. He made it to where all my bills regarding the accident, including the bills for my car repair, went straight to him. I didn't have to do anything but show up to my appointments. He took care of everything. He also got me a great settlement. I was so impressed with the way he handled my accident that now my husband and I are using Fontenot and Shumaker to take care of a lawsuit that we have going with our contractor that we hired to repair our home after hurricane Laura. The contractor did not live up to their agreements to repair our home. Again, Devin is taking care of everything. When I think of lawyers, I used to think that they were all about how much money they can get from their clients and I basically thought they were all selfish snakes. But not with Fontenot and Shumaker. They take care of their clients and actually care and listen to their clients needs. If I ever need anything that requires legal attention, I will always choose Fontenot and Shumaker.
Alonnia Gatte
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I highly recommend this law office. The staff is friendly and helpful. Devin was great to work with. Thank you for another successful adoption!
Dalton Guillory
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Very knowledgeable and Professional. Quick to help with any needs. 10/10 recommend!
Ethan Arbuckle
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“As a NWLA attorney, from time to time I have clients that have legal issues or legal needs around the Lake Charles area. I rest easy knowing that when I refer them over to Fontenot & Shumaker they are in good hands. Great people, great results.”

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