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Personalized Representation

At Fontenot and Shumaker we strive to provide personalized representation with no added fillers. We are dedicated to meeting our client’s needs, and we know just how important it is to communicate directly with your lawyer from the very start.

Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys take pride in offering realistic expectations, and honest, open communication. Our clients often come to us during a very difficult time in their lives. We set ourselves apart by providing honest expectations on what lies ahead.

Proven Results

With a record of highly successful settlements, we have the experience needed to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients—whether in court or at the negotiating table.

About Out Firm

Fontenot & Shumaker

Devin Fontenot and Jared Shumaker are two like-minded attorneys who take pride in realistic expectations, honest and open communication, and personalized representation. Fontenot and Shumaker practice in various areas including, family law and personal injury, successions and estate planning, criminal defense, general business litigation, and real estate and property litigation.

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About Out Firm

Practice Areas

Our attorneys are prepared to help with a vast array of legal concerns ranging from family and criminal law to personal injury, estate planning, contract disputes, medical malpractice, and more.

Family Law
Personal Injury
Estate Planning
Criminal Defense
General Business Litigation
Real Estate and Property Litigation


From Our Clients

“I can not say enough about the quality of work and dedication Devin put into my case. Not knowing anything about any of our local attorneys, I chose Devin for a tough custody battle and he did not disappoint! Two major things that stood out were his down to earth, witty personality and willingness to LISTEN to what I wanted and needed. Other favorable qualities were the hours and commitment he put into my case to make sure I had the best possible outcome. The communication was top notch and I was never left confused!! He actually wanted to help me and not just force his opinion on me. He will be the only attorney I ever use and I highly recommend him for family cases!”

Robyn Wiley

“I’ve worked with Devin for almost three years about an injury case. This was a shot in the dark case that I honestly doubt many would have taken, but he did. His wife had recommended him through a local mom group and I’m so grateful she did. Took a long time just to track down the people who had hit me. Turns out I had a lot of damage to my back and not much to my car.
The last two and a half years have been rough with all of my back injuries, but Devin was able to get everything done that needed to be done. Kept in constant contact even when the other insurance company was not wanting or willing to cooperate.
There were no issues on his part getting medical treatment done that was needed as it was needed.

I’ll be using Devin again for a custody case soon and wouldn’t even think twice about using anyone else. He’s friendly and professional and doesn’t try to sugar coat or go around a question, a quality I respect. I never had to second guess anything he said.”

Angela Morris Miller

“As a NWLA attorney, from time to time I have clients that have legal issues or legal needs around the Lake Charles area. I rest easy knowing that when I refer them over to Fontenot & Shumaker they are in good hands. Great people, great results.”


Ethan Arbuckle